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The ultimate in comfort – for 1, 2 or 3 people

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How we live – Living landscapes

living landscapes Living Landscapes

We find the word simply beautiful. It enchants our surroundings and turns a dingy pad into a cosy home. Landscape marks. So does your couch! It gives security and feelings of happiness, it calms and recharges the energy reserves. We design our living landscape with decoration, furniture and pictures on the wall. We roll out carpets, paint walls and add our own personal touchto every living landscape.

Off to the island. Or better yet, on the sofa

Our living landscapes are just as diverse as we are. Well, a hallway or a narrow kitchen are rather a means to an end. But a living room is not the same… A living room exerts a completely different attraction. Where do we go when we come home tired in the evening? Where do we invite guests? On the couch. On average, we spend two to three hours a day on the sofa. For many of us, sofa timeis something like our daily short holiday, our island far away from stress and hectic.

The material dreams are made of

All the more important that we can feel really comfortable here. Yes, we deliberately write “can” here. For a sofa to be comfortable and cosy for us, some criteria must be met. First of all, design, shape and size: l-shape, as 2-seater or rather one or two corner sofas, with enough space for several generations. A 3-seater with a stoolor with an additional armchair? How big a sofa is, ultimately depends on our needs. Or by the size of the room.

And then, once the key facts have been clarified, we move on to the issues that affect us individually. First and foremost, the colour: a subtle beige or a bright green? An elegant black or would you prefer a more discreet grey? The colour of our sofa is the first thing that catches the eye. Our personal preference, our style and somehow also our personality can be found in the colour of our sofa.

And in the material from which our dream, better: in the material from which our sofa is: leather or fabric? Modern, vegan, velvet or microfibre? Everything has advantages, everything has disadvantages. It is simply a question of personality. We’ll just leave that open at this point – after all, sofa cover appreciation is in the eye of the beholder, there is no right and no wrong. Every choice is different.

Let’s get comfy – Comfortable sofas are a matter of attitude

Sitting, lying, lounging, rolling. Foot up or down. Head forward or back. Stretched out, rolled up. Comfort is a very personal thing. Just as with the look of a sofa, comfort is a matter of attitude. How does it feel to sit on the cushions? Is the height OK? How about a function where I can adjust the seat firmness? Or could quickly fold out a headrest? Adjustable functions that are simply perfect for adjusting personal comfort at any time.

Whether on a huge XXL corner couch or a cute (vegan!) leather sofa – with Sensoo all functions are built in by our designers right from the start and do not have to be configured additionally. From the height to the backrest, everything is adjustable. Just make your choice from the comfort of your own home, have it delivered, assemble it and get up on the couch and… relax!