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Payment & Delivery

The following conditions apply: Delivery is made domestically (Germany) and in Austria.

Delivery Charges

(including statutory VAT)

Lieferungen im Inland (Deutschland) und Österreich:

We do not charge shipping costs.

Delivery times

If no other period is specified in the respective offer, the goods will be delivered in Germany and Austria within 13 – 15 working days after conclusion of the contract (in the case of agreed advance payment, after the time of your payment instruction).
Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in a joint consignment unless we have made different arrangements with you. Die Lieferzeit bestimmt sich in diesem Fall nach dem Artikel mit der längsten Lieferzeit den Sie bestellt haben.

Accepted payment options

  • Payment by invoice with Klarna
  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Direct bank transfer payment
  • Payment via Coinbase Commerce
Further details on payment

If you pay by credit card, your credit card account will be debited upon conclusion of the contract.

Our bank details:

BE52 0017 9677 0709
If you have any questions, you can find our contact details in the imprint.